Web App Development

Convert your ordinary website into a fully functional Mobile Web Application to reach even more!


In computing, a web application or a mobile web app is a client-server computer program that the client runs on their phones (in web browser actually) which pretends to be a fully functional & developed mobile app. To understand it better and in simple words, a web app is conversion of your ordinary website into a mobile application. Mobile app is a trending innovation in the field of mobile app development as it not only saves time but a hell lot of money as well. The biggest example of some of the trending and ever demanding web applications include Facebook lite and Twitter lite. Any website which is responsive for all media devices can be converted well into a web mobile application. A well converted web app is compatible enough to run on all platforms like IOS, Android and Windows, however there may be a call of service charges to be listed on Android PlayStore or Apple’s App Store.

What are the major benefits of a Mobile Web App?


  • Do not need to be downloaded or installed — web apps function in-browser
  • Easy to maintain — they have a common codebase regardless of mobile platform
  • Will update themselves
  • Quicker and easier to build than mobile apps
  • Do not require app store approval, so can be launched quickly